London Python Code Dojo (Season 4, Episode 8)

Welcome! So you want to know about London Python Code Dojo (Season 4, Episode 8), huh? Here’s a few details.


A coding dojo is a safe place to deliberately practice and develop your coding skills, and perhaps learn something new too. We don’t really (read: never) stick to a strict dojo format but rather brainstorm ideas for problems to solve, choosing one by popular, if complicated, vote, and then break into teams courtesy of the London Python Dojo Fully Patented Numbering Scheme for an hour and a half of furious coding (at least, furious something). To wrap the evening up each team does a “show and tell”, and end with drinks in the pub.

However, this month we may have some musical midi madness courtesy of Carles (tbc).

Here’s a presentation given at Europython 2011 that explains things further

And a blog post: “How to Run an Awesome Code Dojo”:

Free pizza and beer are kindly provided by this month’s hosts Mind Candy.

Of course, there will also be an O’Reilly book to “win” in the name tag “Tombola” (thanks to O’Reilly for their continued support).


6.30 PM Thursday 4th April 2013


At the new offices of Mind Candy: Mind Candy, 15 Bonhill St, London, Greater London EC2A 4DN, UK

(ZOMG they have a slide... woo woo woo woo)

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