7th London Python Code Dojo

Welcome! So you want to know about 7th London Python Code Dojo, huh? Here’s a few details.


What is a coding dojo? This is a coding dojo.

Last time we attempted to refactor the various adventure game solutions from the January dojo. Whilst interesting, perhaps refactoring isn’t that exciting an activity for a dojo :-). Nevertheless, people seemed to be having fun and we did achieve our goal of a “one true” adventure game code base that allows us to define and navigate around a game world. The code can be found here: http://github.com/ntoll/code-dojo/tree/master/adventure/week2/.

After discussion at the end of the February dojo (and later in the pub) we decided that this time round we’re going to try another small-groups based exercise with a “show and tell” at the end as we continue to build the world’s greatest adventure game. Problems we might want to tackle include: a command parser, keeping track of game state/score/objects, NPCs/AI, authoring tools, turning it into a MUD (and so the list goes on…)

Photos from all the dojos so far can be found here: http://divvyshot.com/event/IsJtx/

Free pizza and beer will be provided.

Participants get the chance to win a cool book (thanks O’Reilly).


4th March 2010 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM (ish).


Fry-IT Ltd.

Afterwards we usually repair to The Dogget

Nearest Tubes: Waterloo Southwark

Address: Fry-IT Limited
503 Enterprise House
1/2 Hatfields
London SE1 9PG

0207 0968800

Google Map: here

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